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$ 22.66 নিয়মিত মূল্য $ 25.18

☑ বিশ্বব্যাপী ফ্রি শিপিং।
☑ কোন ট্যাক্স চার্জ।
☑ শ্রেষ্ঠ মূল্য গ্যারান্টি।
You আপনি যদি অর্ডার না পান তবে ফেরত দিন
Described বিবরণী হিসাবে না হলে রিফান্ড এবং কিপ আইটেম।
আইটেম সুনির্দিষ্ট:
  • লিঙ্গ: নরনারীনির্বিশেষে পরিধেয়
  • বৈশিষ্ট্য সমূহ: Inflatable, মিনিউপাদান: রবার
  • মডেল নম্বর: TM0792
  • প্রকার: জল কামান
বৈশিষ্ট্য সমূহ: Materials: Pull rope+braid Captain Splash Water Balloon Launcher is made from extremely durable latex. The carry case is made of quality nylon and double stitched. Can launch water balloons, snowballs and other soft and light promotional items up to 200 yards. Easy to carry and compact carry case included. If using around small children, keep safety in mind. The instructions to use the launcher may seem easy, but there is a small learning curve. It will take some practice before being able to launch incredible distances. How to Use At least 3 people are needed to be able to use the launcher. Fill up water balloons to about the size of a tennis ball. This will ensure that the balloon does not burst when letting go of the pouch during launch. Two players stand three feet apart facing their target, each grasping one of the vinyl grips with their inside hand. A third player (launcher) will then load the water balloon into the pouch with one hand holding the nylon handle and the other hand cupping the balloon into the pouch. The launcher will then pull back (no further than eight feet), aim at the target and let go. Never aim at eye level. Tip: Once you fill your water balloons, leave them in a bucket of water, since Water Balloon Launcher Balloons are constructed to break easier to avoid injuries. Captain Splash Water Balloon Launchers will have you winning every water balloon fight, or snowball fight. Amaze with accuracy and monster distances.

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